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PeekYou post private info like yours and your family members names address and phone numbers and info that should not be public . If someone who knows you and wants to kill you or a family member , They use PeekYou to get all the info they need.

Criminals use it to stalk you on other websites .What PeekYou is doing is criminal and a danger to public safety and the law should step and do something NOW not later .

Charges should be filed asp . We need to save lives and protect certain info they know that should not be posted

Monetary Loss: $12.

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the site needs to be reported and shut down if something happens to these people they should be held accountable their putting out peoples address and information without their knowledge this is a stalkers dream


Been stalked for over nine years by a criminal and they load up false information on this and other sites. The woman stalking me is a criminal and needs help. This di

to Anonymous #1343433

I'm sorry to here that l had to move because of that this site is disgusting some people don't no their information is public theIr putting peoples lives in danger

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